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Gachagua looses 200M to the state

Mathira MP Rigathi Gachagua has lost Sh202 million to the State.

On Thursday, High Court Judge Esther Maina decided that the UDA delegate official applicant has neglected to make sense of how he obtained the abundance from government organizations.

Subsequently, the active MP will be compelled to relinquish the cash for being continues of wrongdoing.

The court noticed that Gachagua didn’t demonstrate that without a doubt he was granted tenders by government substances.

The legislator just delivered a letter dated February 9, 2015 from an administration service showing Wamunyoro Investments Ltd had been granted a delicate.

A file image of Gachagua
A file image of Gachagua

There was, in any case, no verification that the delicate was executed.

Court ruling over Gachagua case

The court likewise dispersed claims that the monies being referred to were in a proper store account as supposed by the litigant.

“There was a contention that the assets were in a decent store account however that isn’t the position,” said the equity Maina.

The monies were held at Rafiki Micro Finance Bank in four separate records.

In one record was Sh165 million, Sh35 million and Sh773,228 in two different records all in Gachagua’s name.

In the fourth record was some Sh1,138,142. The record was enlisted for the sake of Jenne Enterprises, Gachagua’s business partner.

A fortnight prior, the Assets Recovery Agency excused claims that the Sh200 million was obtained from a delicate Gachagua and partners won a long time back.

ARA let the court know that Kimemia’s business element and record was utilized by Gachagua to launder cash.

“The claim that the couple are doing genuine business and the assets in issue are gotten from real organizations is mistaken, underhanded and a ploy to mask, disguise and conceal the wellspring of the said reserves. It’s an old style plan of tax evasion,” ARA said.

“Kimemia has not delivered any proof to show that she partook in the supposed delicate demonstrated in the warning of grant. She has additionally not delivered any proof exhibiting that the notice was at last granted to her or the said organizations and she partook in the supposed delicate showed in the notice grant.”

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