Gachagua: The judgement endeavor is to sabotage my candidature

Kenya Kwanza agent official running mate Rigathi Gachagua, on Thursday, July 28, cried foul after the High Court requested him to relinquish Ksh202 million to the state.

He portrayed the judgment as a barefaced endeavor to diminish Kenya Kwanza’s offered to climb to the administration in the impending August 9 survey.

Gachagua guaranteed, without proof, that the judgment was quickly conveyed after he crushed his Azimio official running mate, Martha Karua in the appointee president’s discussion held a week ago.

A file image of Gachagua
A file image of Gachagua

Gachagua differs with the court judgement

“The judgment was hurriedly surged ten days before the decisions in a purposeless endeavor to sabotage my candidature in the approaching races and scratch my real presentation in the running mates banter last week,” the Mathira MP expressed.

He vowed to pursue the judgment at the Court of Appeal, because he had been denied a fair hearing.

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Gachagua blamed judge Esther Maina for supposedly declining to question the specialists to test the realness of the claims.

“The judgment today by Justice Esther Maina, for my situation against the Asset Recovery Agency, didn’t profoundly shock me and my legal advisors.

“The Judge was one-sided against us from the word go and pulled out all the stops by directing a joke preliminary. Contrary to the standards of proof, she declined our application to question the Investigator to test the veracity of his charges.”

“She decided that all proof ought to be through affirmations and dismissed oral proof,” he guaranteed.

Equity Maina had decided that the administrator gained the assets from government offices without providing any labor and products.

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