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Gathoni WaMuchomba proposes New law to give retired govt workers job Over Youths.

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The bill, funded by Kiambu representative Gathoni Wamuchomba, proposed the recruitment of retired public servants in key sectors such as health, security and education.

According to the MP, this will improve the well-being of community elders by ensuring that their human rights, safety, security, education, health, equality and non-discrimination are respected.

The Wamuchomba Bill aims to give retired civil servants a second chance to work under the post-retirement employment plan.

Gathoni WaMuchomba

“The main purpose of this bill is to implement Article 57 of the Constitution by establishing a legal framework for dealing with the elderly in the community,” Wamuchomba said.

If the bill is signed into law, people who have reached the mandatory retirement age of 60 years will be given a way to earn a monthly salary for the duration of the new working conditions.

The bill seeks to pave the way for retirees to be employed on scheduled schedules in any other field to be determined by the Secretary to the Cabinet of Ministers of Public Service.

“The Secretary to the Cabinet (Public Service) will consult with the National Board of Senior Community Members, state agencies and the Salaries and Remuneration Commission, to regulate voluntary or voluntary employment after retirement of community members after retirement. at, in the following key areas – health, national security, education and other areas of service as determined by the Cabinet Secretary, “the bill states.

The public service has been hit by aging workers following a suspension of employment to control rising wages bill.

The bill also deprives young people of opportunities as there are few jobs in the country and the 2020 census data showed that 5,341,182 or 38.9% of Kenya’s 13,777,600 youth are unemployed.

Kenya’s economic growth has created jobs, but most of them are low-wage, informal and are available at a rate that economists have found to be too low to accelerate population growth.

Young people are more affected by unemployment than their counterparts over the age of 35.

This means that more than a third of Kenyan eligible young people are unemployed in the business environment where the government is struggling to tackle the country’s biggest unemployment problem.

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