Gender roles changed; viral photos of women digging graves.


It is interesting how strong women are confronted with the masculine masculinity that has pervaded society so far. Women can show their potential in today’s cultures, depending on the growing trend. Women and women are usually assigned their jobs, which the whole world despises.

Alcoholism has reached its peak in Nyandarua County. The popular image of women digging graves has spread on social media. Women are taking on the responsibilities of men in Nyandarua County, according to the latest news. At the burial site, only one person was seen. Alcoholism is said to have pushed men to quit social work.

Nyandarua women urge authorities to close bars. This has not led to any positive changes in society.

In Nyandarua County, boys’ morals are also degrading. This may be because of the lack of guidance and advice from their fathers. The Kenyan government is expected to pass a law banning the sale of alcohol at any time of the day.

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