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German man cries foul after being swindled off his 5.4million by his Kenyan lover.

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The 66-year-old who arrived in the country as a tourist from Ethiopia in 2019 fell in love with a woman from Siaya who was working as bar attendant at the Amada resort in Mtwapa where he had gone to buy beer.

The two moved in together on October 29, 2020 in a bedsitter before he purchased his first Villa Malindi from an Italian national begore they proceeded for family introduction in Siaya county.

When he returned to Kenya for the second time with an aim of buying his second villa at the harbor cottage and investing some amount in an irrigation project in Ganze Kilifi county, the German was loaded with Kshs 5.4 million. His estranged lover would vanish with the money when Kreplin wasout for a morning coffee.

Kreplin has been since seeking refugee from town to town as he claims to be receiving death threats from anonymous people who he believes are working with his former fiancée with a plot to finish him off.

” I reported the matter to Malindi police station after she went missing. I went with the police to my cottage only to find the suitcase broken and kshs 5.4 million in foreign currency missing,” he said.

source: Opera news.

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