Get a life, Kajala slaps back at critics.

It looks like Tanzanian movie star Kajala Masanja has had a fair share of fans who continue to beat her and her daughter, Paula Kajala.

In an interview, the 38-year-old actress said those who continue to insult her and her daughter on social media are only adding to her life.

According to her, she is surprised that so many people have neglected their business and made it their daily routine to insult her and her little girl on social media.

” We talk to one person every day for no apparent reason; which is that, when you wake up, someone picks up the phone and goes online to curse me and my baby. God gives me the gift of prolonging my life with my child because He has seen that people cannot live their lives without me and my child, ”she said.

For the past two months, Kajala has been widely criticized for her fertility skills.

Earlier this year, she became popular after criticizing Hamisa Mobeto for allegedly misleading her daughter by introducing her to Star Rayvanny, where, according to her Kajala, her daughter was breastfed.

“On February 9 at 6pm, Hamisa asked permission to take my daughter to lunch. I didn’t see the need to refuse because I knew she was a mother, who also has a daughter. But that day she took advantage of the opportunity and took her to meet Rayvanny for their personal benefit. They persuaded the child to give him alcohol and recorded a dirty video, ”Kajala wrote.

Responding to the allegations, Hamisa threatened to sue Kajala saying she had nothing to do with the girl who met Rayvanny or the alleged music video.

“I’m not your demolition manager. Yes, I took your daughter to lunch and all the time I was letting you know where we were,” Hamisa said.

” She had different hair when I was with her and when she was with Rayvanny.”

[photo/courtesy]Actress Kajala.

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