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Girlfriend gifts her lover 20Acres of land on his birthday.

Moneybagg Yo’s social media influencer girlfriend, Ariana Fletcher, presented the rapper with a birthday present that is worth more than money.

On Wednesday September 22, the Memphis rapper turned 30 and to celebrate his third decade of life, Ari donated 28.8 acres of land to Bagg. In an Instagram post shared yesterday, Ari wrote, “What do you buy from someone who has everything? A gift that continues to give. I bought you a living, real life. Generation wealth! 28.8 acres! it’s yours! “


In a video published by Moneybagg’s IG Story, Ari can be heard saying to his rapper girlfriend, “Ah yes, go ahead. It’s your stupidity, fa sho. Paid. No pay, nothing. It’s all over. It’s ridiculous. Twenty-eight acres of acres nane. “

The hip-hop couple have been dating for almost two years.

Earlier today, Bagg shared a photo of himself with a group of red cars, as well as what looked like a Mercedes Benz, Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk, Dodge Charger Hellcat and more.

He quoted this photo file: “I had a Monk But F in my vote, anything is possible! Have a good Bagg day for me !!.”

Moneybagg Yo’s unparalleled birthday present comes on the same day he left a remix on his Billboard song “Wockesha”, which star Lil Wayne and R&B singer Ashanti, whose song “Fool” was used in the original version of the disc. Wayne is also in the first edition together. “Wockesha” appears on Bagg’s # 1 album, A Gangster’s Pain, which dropped in April.

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