GOALS! Rotimi and his lover Vanessa Mdee buy themselves a second house in USA

American actress Rotimi and Tanzanian singer Vanessa Mdee have relocated to the United States.

The couple said the house, which is their second home in the United States, would be a lucrative investment.

They went on social media to share their video dancing outside the new house.

“You dance when you buy another house. Let your money make you #Newhomealert # Invest # from the beginning, “Rotimi shared.

The new property comes months after Rotimi bought a house for Vanessa Mdee in Florida, USA.

The luxurious six-room mansion was Vanessa’s Valentine’s Day gift from her fiancé and is said to have cost around Ksh.57 million.

This year was Valentine’s Day for me, because he bought me a brand new house. It is the brand new home in Florida, 6 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, a unique location, and costs about $ 500 million. And it is under my name, so I am the rightful owner of the house in the United States, ”Vanessa said. Tanzanian journalist.

Apart from the two houses in the United States, Rotimi also owns a house in Nigeria, where he was born.
The hitmaker In my bed treated himself to the Penthouse on his birthday.

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