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God told me to speak openly: Kabi WaJesus remains unapologetic over bedding with his cousins

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Web-based entertainment force to be reckoned with Kabi WaJesus isn’t embarrassed about his past. Infact, he is appreciative for the experience since he realizes God was setting him up for more prominent things throughout everyday life. What’s more, yea, today – he is utilizing his story to rouse and get the message out of God through his service.

Only half a month prior during a Kesha occasion at Reign City Chapel Kabi wa Jesus ended up admitting to things he never discussed, ever in his life. As you definitely know – he admitted to having laid down with more than one cousin, an admission that got many off guard.

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Anyway addressing Dr Ofweneke during a meeting on TV 47, Kabi was Jesus uncovered that the admission was a solicitation from God getting some information about what has been going on with him before. Despite the fact that at the time he was appealing to God for couples who were going to the Kesha – Kabi said;

God advised me to talk transparently about certain things and these are things that individuals are bashful to discuss. I was attacked as a kid and relatives told me not to discuss it. There’s likewise that other story of getting physically involved with my cousins.


Getting the boldness to talk about what befell me was difficult and I feel so terrible that certain individuals scrutinized me after my declaration since they believed me should keep calm since it’s the plan of the foe,

This being one of those delicate points, Ofweneke proceeded to ask Kabi wa Jesus whether his significant other knew about what he had arranged; and incredibly turns out his better half, Milly Wa Jesus additionally didn’t have the foggiest idea and was all around as amazed as every other person.

She was additionally stunned like every other person. Allow me to let you know on that day after I gave my declaration, 40 individuals gave their lives to Christ.

To those condemning and pointing fingers at him ie Andrew Kibe and the rest, Kabi had this to say;

I don’t feel disgrace. I realize I’m working for one plan, the realm plan. I realize God is blissful, so individuals can express whatever they might be thinking.

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