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Gold worth 15.1B goes missing in JKIA.

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Kenya is on the spot after two tonnes of gold worth 15.1 billion shillings disappeared at the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA).

Sambaza News learned that the gold was destined for the Dominican Republic.

Preliminary investigations indicate that airport clearance agents, senior security officers and JKIA customs officers were involved in the robbery.

Even the personal assistants of the top political leaders in Kenya and some senior JKIA security officers have been implicated in the robbery.

The owner of the gold, who was waiting for him in the Dominican Republic, raised the issue and made police officers from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) and Kenya start an investigation.

The gold is no longer in Kenya as it had already been taken out of the country through a contract that revealed the country’s biggest airport.

According to the investigation report, “gold transportation would be carried out with the help of highly sophisticated security agencies and certain diplomatic channels along with experienced air and cargo agents”.

The report also notes that they were awaiting permission to proceed to the gold field.

The sellers of gold had problems with those who were thinking of buying it, which caused a rift between them. When the buyers disagreed with the sellers, the latter sought the help of senior politicians who held several meetings in Karen and in the best hotels.

The robbery exposed security flaws in JKIA and raised serious concerns about corruption and negligence in the country.

The authorities should ensure that those responsible for the robbery are brought to justice and such incidents do not happen again.

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