Good news; Tiktok revenue doubles to 3.4 Billion dollars.

The popularity of social media tech firm Tiktok is manifesting itself in the performance of its current company with its total revenue for 2020 more than doubling to 34.3 billion US dollars.

The gross profit of the Chinese company was ranked at 93% during the same period to 19 billion dollars.


Despite these, it posted an increase of $45 which is attributed to one of the account adjustments and it has nothing to do with the firm’s day-to-day operation.

According to Ntv television, Tiktok has gained massive popularity globally a fact that has led to increased scrutiny from the government in other jurisdictions where it has a vast number of members. The firm has seen many youths creating self employment jobs who post short videos for viewers. Aziad Naisenya for example is a Kenyan girl who has been popular following her Tiktok funny videos.

Tik- tok is adding value to economic status of countries and improving the living standards of people across the globe.

Courtesy of; Operanews.

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