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Government introduces day and night shifts to handle passport backlog

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Acting Director General of the State Immigration Department, Evelyn Chelugut, announced that the department is introducing day and night shifts to deal with the backlog of passport processing.

Speaking at Nyayo House, Chelugut said the shifts will start from Monday to Sunday.

The change will last for 14 hours and applications will be received from 7am to 9pm.

Chelugut further said that now they have a special counter for emergency cases.

A photo file of Passports

She said there are plans to buy new equipment to print passports overnight.

“We are also working to strengthen our staff starting this week to improve treatment,” she added.

She called on the staff to work as a team to serve Kenyans properly.

Chelugut also stressed that the government is working day and night to solve the current issues.

The announcement follows an internal memo issued last Friday to all employees of the state Department of Immigration and Human Services.

The message was to inform the employees about the meeting that will be held today at 6.40 in the morning in the passport bank room, where all were expected to attend.

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