Governor Wa Baskeli:Uasin Gishu aspirat for governor seat uses bicycle for his campaigns

In what many would see as an extreme joke, a man from Uasin Gishu County cheered voters by choosing to do house-to-house campaigns by bicycle.
Contrary to many big campaigns that many candidates run to impress voters, Mr. Solomon Maritim, 35, the famous Bicycle Governor, is armed with at least four posters on his bicycle – two in front and two in the back – with a notice in his pocket.

That, he says, is enough for his campaign in that big county.

“I am not a pusher if my competitors want to paint me. I want to prove that politics is not about the rich but a game of ideology on how to improve the socio-economic status of the people,” Mr Maritim said when Nation.Africa found him during election campaigns there. Four miles. Shops Tuesday afternoon.

“It’s just the bike I own and I use to cross the whole county. I’m happy because so far I’ve covered more than 70 percent of the county and my relatives and friends scattered in the area are also campaigning for me,” he said.

How does he run his campaign?

Every morning, the Bicycle Governor calls his followers across the region to be informed of future events that may impress him or require his presence.

“Sometimes I ride more than 50 kilometers to get to events and on the way I meet a lot of voters for whom I sell my agenda. I am happy because my message has been well received.

He says apart from the nomination fees he paid through friends, he spent less money on equipment as he does not give handouts.

“The locals know that I am one of them and they will never ask me for money.”

“I do not have posters throughout the county or posters in cities like my competitors. I believe in selling my manifesto to voters, other than spending money asking for votes.

Every time he passes by, passersby encourage him by shouting: “Governor of Bicycle! Bicycle Governor! which he recognizes by waving.

Mr Maritim will face former Pakistani envoy Julius Bitok, former Chinese counterpart Sarah Serem, former Nairobi County environment director Veska Kangogo, Eldoret businessman Jonathan Bii, Uasin Gishu County Assembly Chief David Singoei and MP of Soy Caleb Kositany watching the United Democratic Party. Alliance (UDA) ticket .

Mr. Maritim, a graduate of Moi University finance, also does not have a campaign secretariat, as do many politicians who use it to coordinate their political activities and devise strategies to win seats.

“These strategists come later in the system of gatekeepers when everyone is elected. “Citizens cannot access these offices because they have strategies in place to create some kind of protocol to follow,” he said.

“My rule is that every voter is my strategic planner so that if I am elected they will not have the bureaucracy to get me.”

He has never ridden a campaign car like his competitors, and he is convinced that it does not matter..

His resolution if elected

The biggest disadvantage of Kenyan politics, he says, is that leaders lose contact with voters once they are in power.

“If I am elected, I want to revolutionize the dairy industry by introducing bonuses to farmers such as the tea industry. to improve lives, ”he said.

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