Governor who has been on the limelight for lack of taste in Fashion.

Clothes are objects that are worn on the human body. The amount and type of clothing worn depends on gender, body type, social factors, among others.

Cyprin Awiti is the second term governor of Homa Bay County, Kenya. He hit the headlines because of his dress that does not go well for Kenyans. The Governor does not seem to care much about the sarcasm and ridicule of some people who say he likes to wear ugly and strange clothes compared to his colleagues.

Awiti has no fashion appeal and is frequently discussed in social media groups due to its main fashion trends. She needs a model and a tailor to remove her shirts, pants, shoes and blazers.

Home Bay residents say their governor has important issues that need to be addressed and how they dress is not a problem for them. They say it is their governor who was not chosen to go to the fashion show and competence but to serve them. Some people argue that his bad behavior is a direct manifestation of bad leadership and the amount of frustration the people of Homa Bay have.

Here are some of the pictures that went viral;

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