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Govt ordered to pay Kenyans shs18Billion.

Secretary General of Lands Nixon Korir revealed that the government owes Kenyans Ksh 18 billion, due to penalties and fines issued by various courts in legal disputes with the government.

Korir disclosed this when he appeared before the Lands Committee of the National Assembly on Tuesday, August 8.

The PS, who heads the government’s Lands and Planning Department, said the money has yet to be made public despite many appeals from some aggrieved landowners.

So he asked the party to speed up the settlement of the unpaid invoices while stressing the need to prevent interest from running.

Korir warned that the government is already facing problems in making payments, and the recently added interest will cause further pain.

In this financial year, the Government Department of Lands and Physical Planning was allocated Ksh 350 million to clear pending bills, an amount that Korir said was a reduction of Ksh 17 million. Ksh for that mark.

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However, the committee led by Mugirango North Member of Parliament Joash Nyamoko claimed that the payment could be politically motivated. Therefore, the legislators wanted a thorough investigation to be done to confirm the validity of the pending bills.

It is not yet clear whether the committee would approve the release of the funds and the timing of the payment.

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