Grade six student kills his classmate over Ugali in Kakamega.

Kakamega County Police are holding a 14-year-old sixth grade student accused of killing a classmate during a meal with Ugali and Kunde.

The student allegedly dumped the body of the deceased in the Simakina River in Navakholo, Kakamega County.

Navakholo OCPD Richard Omanga confirmed the incident saying the 10-year-old was herding his family’s livestock when he was attacked and attacked by a fellow student.

The two students were neighbors.

It is reported that the Grade 6 student returned home from school on Thursday and was informed that the food he was planning to eat was eaten by a neighbor.


He then followed her and struck her on the head with a blunt object, killing her instantly before throwing her body into the river.

On Friday, the miner arrived at the school and informed his teachers that he had killed a colleague.

Then he brought them to the place where the body was found in the water.

The OCPD said the body had serious head injuries and was taken to Kakamega Hospital and mortuary while the case was being investigated.

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