Grief as Area Chief is killed by wife after evening prayers in Kirinyaga county.

Shock and grief spread in Kiamugumo sub-county in Ngariama Street in Gîchûgû constituency, Kirinyaga county, following the assassination of a deputy chief.

Denis Magu, 36, is alleged to have been cold-blooded by his wife during a marital dispute Wednesday evening at around 9pm.

The government official died on the way to hospital.

The body was then transported to a mortuary at Kerugoya Level 4 Hospital awaiting examination.

The suspect was arrested and detained at Kianyaga Police Station while police launched an investigation.

According to the mother of the deputy chief, Rose Njeru, Magu and his wife had never been involved in a domestic dispute during their 14-year marriage.

“I was with them at their house just before the news started at 9:00 and we prayed together before I left,” said Rose Njeru.

Njeru says that shortly afterwards he heard the Deputy Chief’s wife calling him and when he returned home he found her lying on the floor bleeding profusely.

“I wondered what went wrong when I heard him call me and when I came back I was shocked by the blood incident, I couldn’t believe my eyes,” he said.

He adds, “I asked her, Mama Wayne, what happened? You could talk to me. He said he did not realize how it all happened because he was cleaning the dishes.

However, Rose said they began to prepare for the transfer of her son while police investigated the matter.

“As a family, we have decided that we are at peace with everything that happened because even if we decide to have a romantic relationship with the suspect, we cannot know what happened between them. Both of them since the ceremony is over,” he said. sema.

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