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Wedding drama; Groom’s father ask the bride to get saved before the wedding proceeded.

There was a little bit of drama witnessed during the wedding of a middle-aged man whose father was also among the pastor’s presiding over their wedding.

According to the reports by the witnesses from Kitui, it was reported that the groom’s father demanded the bride and her entire family to get saved before the wedding could proceed.

This reportedly happened a few minutes to the wedding . The man is said to have come up with this condition after learning that his son whom according to the father is a strong Christian was going to get married to a woman who wasn’t saved.

The man stated that it was only right for him to look out for his son because despite that he was the father he was also the pastor who wanted to make sure that his son was in good hands.

The wedding is reported to have been paused for a while after the family and friends of the bride accused the pastor and family of the groom for allegedly trying to control them.

The wedding would later proceed after a section of the church elders sat down with both family members urging them to come to an understanding.

What’s your though on all this? Do you think the groom’s dad is too much or he is just trying to protect his son?

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