Gunmen raided a prison in Nigeria and freed 837 prisoners.

Gunmen raided a prison in southwestern Nigeria on Friday and released 837 prisoners.

Abolongo Correctional Center Public Relations Officer Olanrewaju Anjorin said gunmen attacked the center around 9:30 pm on Friday. They used dynamite to destroy the walls.

Mr Anjorin said 837 prisoners awaiting trial had been released. He said 262 prisoners had been re-arrested, while 575 were still in custody.


“The intruders arrived at the station armed with modern weapons and after a stern encounter with officers on duty, they were able to enter the courtyard using dynamite to blow up the wall,” he declared.

“All the prisoners who were waiting for their trial were forcibly removed, the cells that held the prisoners and the prisoners were not destroyed,” he added.

He said the search for refugees had begun.

Oyo Detention Center, with a capacity of 160 inmates, had 907 residents at the time of the attack.

“Of that number, those who were awaiting trial were 837, or 92% and only 64 were convicted,” Anjorin said.

At least 3,590 prisoners escaped from a series of attacks in the southern city of Benin; Owerri South East and Lagos.

On Saturday, soldiers recruited armed men from a shooting spree in southwestern Ekiti province and rescued six people who had been abducted.

The kidnappers involved soldiers in a shooting in the Ayebode and Ilasa communities in the Ikole local government area in Ekiti province.

Police spokesman Sunday Abutu confirmed the incident and said gunmen had abducted three people in the attack.

Mr Abutu said the combined army and police forces rescued six other hostages of armed men.

“We have opened an investigation and will try to ensure that the abducted people are returned safely and securely,” he said.

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