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Hamo set to build a house for Jemutai.

Comedian Professor Hamo is about to build Jemutai a house after revealing to his followers that he has already bought land.

Speaking to social media, Hamo shared a photo of himself with Jemutai with a document and a caption: “I can build a house, you will definitely build that house.”

Despite the hardships they have experienced over the past few months, it seems they have buried the hat and are planning to build a house for their children.

“I know we’ve been through a lot but not how we start but how we finish is important, it took me a while to believe that I wanted my family to be together and have fun, it’s a work in progress but it’s a job to start.

“I can build a house, you will surely make a house,” Hamo wrote.

Jemutai could not hide his happiness when he asked the Almighty to further bless their plans to build a house.

“See God. Thank you. Now let’s build a house, ”he wrote.

In May this year, Professor Hamo took to social media to apologize to his children after several weeks of his endless saga with Jemutai.

Hamo, who has been accused of neglecting his children, also apologized to his wife and thanked her for welcoming him despite his shortcomings.

He admitted that there were things he could do differently, but said he had learned a lot.

“Forgiveness is when a person acknowledges and admits their mistakes. I had to go back to the family and do well with them otherwise it would have been just the face.

“I want to thank my boss who grew up as a mentor, Mr Daniel Ndambuki ‘Churchill’ and life coach Robert Burale for building us the necessary knowledge and wisdom as we drink old tea full of lots of milk ..!

” Jemutai ,thank you so much for agreeing to sit down and have a peaceful conversation about how we will raise our children. You have always welcomed me despite my shortcomings, special thanks to Zippy,,” he wrote. .

The former HOT 96 radio presenter also apologized to his children and promised to be there for them.

He also apologized to his former employer, Royal Media Services, for removing his name from the mess.

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