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Happy Independence day Sierra Leon and Togo.

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From Sambazanews we are joining our Brothers and sisters from Sierra Leon and Togo in celebrating their independence day.

Sierra Leon gained independence rom Britain on 27th April 1961 and celebrates 60 years of independence today.

Remembering Sir Milton Augustus strieby Margai architect of Sierra Leon independence and first prime minister. Sir Milton Margai is well known for his character. He was tolerant of his opponents and was not one to insist on having his way all the time.

These qualities endeared him to all his citizens who loved, respected and admired him. Many citizens look back to the age of ‘pa’ ,as one of the almost idyllic stability.

Sir Milton was a distinguished member of colonial Medical service who pioneered social welfare in remote areas. He encouraged leaders of the Mende Women’s secret society, to include training in hygiene, literacy and childcare in their program .

In his independence message on 27th April 1961, he called for peace.

” I ask you to deal fairly and honestly with your fellow men, to discourage lawlessness and strive actively for peace, friendship and unity in our country.” He said.

Sierra Leon is now of Africa’s independent countries. Free at last.

Happy Independence day.


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