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Harmonize fan tattoos apology letter on his back to Kajala begging her to take Harmonize back

Harmonize is a well-known Tanzanian musician who is well known in Africa. He is the Executive Director of the Konde gang that is producing high quality music recently. In the past he broke up with his girlfriend Kajala and begged her to bring him back.

The photo was seen by Sambazanews media of his follower tattooing his back with a letter of apology for Harmonize behavior.

The whole tattoo is an apology letter directed to Kajala begging her to take the musician back in her life.

“my sister Kajala Masaja
your the happiness of his heart
you’re presence to him is so important
in his life
I beg that you forgive harmo
give him another chance in your heart
Kajala, harmo still loves you so much
KG we need you back so we can build
the family together
Welcome again we still love you so

This has received alot of reactions from netizens online.

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