Harmonize gets a tattoo of Former president Magufuli on his leg.

HARMONIZE has made headlines after recent status shocked many. The talented attitude hitmaker is currently riding high with his collaboration that has already hit 6.5 million views on YouTube.

Harmonize has posted pics of his current tattoo on his leg.

Kondeboy has drawn a picture of the late Tanzanian President John Pombe Magufuli. The tattoo is fresh and done by one of the best artist in Lagos. He further added a caption in Swahili, It says ‘ I have sacrificed my life for the people of Tanzania”. These are Magufuli’s own words.

Harmonize and his team are currently in Nigeria for a musical tour. he recently met with Skales who is one of the artists who have been signed under Kondeboy label Kondegang. Skales received his first Kondegang chain from Harmonize who is also pushing his new hit song ‘Attitude’ featuring Awillo Longomba,

this must have been real love for the president. Or what do you think?


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