Harttheband reveals how they made 1.2 Million in 9 minutes.

Harttheband is one of the band ever here in Kenya. Being a hitmaker with several songs like ‘Uliza kiatu’.

The group is composed of three artist . That is Mordecai Mwinyi [lead singer] , Wachira Gatama alias Abednego [the poet] and Kenneth Muya the guitarist.

The crew released an album dubbed ‘Simple man’ which is gaining popularity by a minute and all six songs in the Album being a hit.

The trio surprised many in an interview after revealing of how they made 1.2 million shillings in 9 minutes after preforming in Amsterdam , Netherlands.

They performed their hit songs ‘uliza kiatu’ and ‘nikikutazama’ at Ziggo Dome an indoor arena which is famously known for hosting top artists in the world. This include Chris Brown and Rihanna.. Their perfomance left the audience yearning for me.

This was a clear indication that art pays and all you need is hardwork and consistency.


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