Turk Harun Aydin deported.[DETAILED]


Harun Aydin, a Turkish national who was arrested by security at Wilson Airport on Saturday after arriving from Uganda, has been deported.

His lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi, accompanied by Kapsaret MP Oscar Sudi, confirmed the progress to reporters on Monday.

Mr Aydin was expected in a coffee court in Kiambu on terrorism charges.

“We will fight against his deportation and he will return either this year or next year. He is not a terrorist,” Ahmednasir said.

Mr Aydin was part of a team that accompanied Vice President William Ruto to Uganda before the trip was cut short. Dr Ruto was severely barred from boarding a plane to neighboring countries for failing to seek permission if all officials should.

“Terrorist suspect”
The Kenyan government has since called the Turkish citizen a terrorist suspect whose presence in the country is under investigation, but DP Ruto has called the whole fiasco “nonsense, stupidity and insanity”.

He noted that the Turkish Embassy had issued a statement saying that Mr Aydin had a valid work permit issued by the Government of Kenya, an investor and contributor to economic development.

Dr Ruto said: “This is how we are destroying Kenya … by dragging political nonsense even from investors who are close to me.”

Several sources said detectives from the Anti-Terrorism Police Unit (ATPU) had previously sought to detain Mr Aydin for longer to allow them to complete an investigation into his alleged involvement in terrorist financing.

Sources said police were also seeking to know how the visitor had made trips in and out of Kenya without his visa printed and the required stamps.

This year, Turk, whose mission in Kenya was not immediately clear, reportedly made six trips from Istanbul, Cairo and Addis.

An official from the Turkish Embassy in Nairobi claimed that Aydin had no criminal record in his country and that he had visited Nairobi several times as an “investor”.

The official, however, declined to disclose the nature of his business in the country.


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