Dr Hassan Wario fined ksh3.6Million or serve 6years jail term.

An anti-corruption court sentenced former cabinet minister Dr Hassan Wario to a fine of 3.6 million shillings or, failing that, six years in prison.
The conviction follows his conviction for corruption and abuse of power in the Rio 2016 Olympic scandal.


While sentencing on Thursday, the court also fined fellow defendant Stephen Arap Soi 105 million shillings or 12 years in prison.

The transplant sentence is a recent blow to Dr. Wario, who is widely regarded as a scholar and a privileged man.

Coming from a long-established isolated pastoral group – Borana – his appointment as president at the age of 43 was a huge success.

The University of Nairobi graduate joined President Uhuru Kenyatta’s cabinet in 2013 as a technology expert when pastoralist communities complained of exclusion from subsequent governments.

All was well until July 2016, when reports of the poor management of the Kenyan team at the Rio Olympics emerged. Mr Wario has been criticized on social media and blamed for a multi-million dollar financial scandal.

Evidence in court shows that he misused his office by ordering the inclusion of three people in a delegation that was accompanied by Team Kenya to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

The targets have been named Adan Omar Enow, Richard Abura and Monica Sairo. They traveled to Brazil and ended up being part of the Kenyan team.

Mr Wario was so dedicated to his work that he accompanied Kenyan athletes to Rio for the games. The Kenyan team returned home with 13 medals – six gold, six silver and one bronze.

The medals are celebrated as the best Olympic sport in Kenya in history, although the athletes returned to Nairobi safely and without celebration. Mr. Wario was attending almost every event that was under his responsibility.

He resigned from the Cabinet in 2018 and was appointed Kenyan Ambassador to Austria, but was released in May the following year, being replaced by Robinson Githae.

Mr Wario returned to Nairobi and set a low profile in public and on social media. The last time he wrote on his official name, @AreroWario, was on June 13, 2018.

Since he lost his embassy post, he regularly visits the Mounts Mount against Corruption case in the Rio case.

When the case was opened in October 2018, he was keen to block media cameras but later stopped, perhaps after realizing that the journalists’ desire for him was not fading.

During the trial, a thin and strong man rarely mingled with five other suspects. When he did not read the newspaper, he was going through his cell phone or talking to his lawyer.

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