Hatupangwingwi; says Othaya boys high school going on strike and wish their teachers a merry Christmas, happy new year

Today Othaya Boys’ High School in Nyeri went on strike. Angry students stormed the school store and removed all food. They took sugar, rice and cooking oil. They poured food on the walk-ins pathways in their school.

They kept shouting “hatupangwingwi” and wished the teachers a Merry Christmas as they left school. This comes after many students set fire to the school grounds. They said they were not ready for the final semester exams and wanted to return home.


Recent student visits and school arson have left education ministry officials wondering what they will do to stop students from attending school.

Students were given a mid-term break, but that apparently did not resolve the underlying issue. Many schools were set on fire after a mid-semester break. The students did not set fire to the school grounds, but managed to destroy the shop.

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