‘Haunted by spirits’. Kakamega policeman kills self.

A family in Kakamega county is in a shock after their loved one who was an administration police officer killed himself for allegedly being haunted by demons.

According to the deceased’s wife, she found her husband shaking in fear at the seat where he had placed a Bible on his chest and upon asking him what the problem was he claimed that he needed the wife’s prayers since he used to be haunted by demons in the house.

The deceased also warned his wife and asked her to get rid of all the hanging ropes which had been placed at the back of her mother’s kitchen where he claimed whoever placed the ropes there had bad intentions.

Hid family not aware that the deceased was predicting his own death and that when he went and committed suicide with the same ropes he had asked his wife to get rid off.

The police officer were alerted and they immediately arrived at the scene where they collected the body of the deceased at it was taken to a local morgue.

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