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‘ Have you checked out to Mike Sonko?’ Raila Told after He tweeted This.

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It is getting foggier each day for Kenyans following the covid-19 pandemic that threw most of Kenyans off their normal life lane to depression and struggles from losing loved ones to the disease, unemployment and losing jobs. I won’t be wrong to conclude that there’s a rise in mental disease in the country and rise in mental disease in the country and Raila must have had this in his mind.

Following His tweet this morning he is advising us to embrace our fellows who seem lost and depressed instead of judging them, help them seek treatment but Kenyans never disappoint.

A man asked him whether he has reached out for Mike Sonko who must be going through a lot following his impeachment and a chain of awful encounter that followed after.

Netizens reacted.

Juma; Be concerned about going home before Mr. Ruto becomes the president because all the unnecessary politics you’re doing will be unwanted in his administration so start packing and clear with your fellows.

Alexander ; Life has become very hard especially for our youth to bare , 7/10 of youths have either fallen into the trap of depression or panic attacks.

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