“He didn’t know English but God told me we will get married,” American Woman narrates.

Whoever said God knows our crucial life was absolutely right, American national woman, Carey Joy, 35 years old has spilled the beans saying that God had anticipated to her that she will get married to his current husband and indeed it came true.

She claimed that Albert Wanyonyi , 28 years old, who is currently her husband and a boda-boda ruder, by coincidence proposed to her a couple of years ago after God spoke to her.

According to Albert, he fell in love with joy at first during the opening of a church in his village by the aide of Joy’s parents, he revealed that he didn’t know how to express himself thus he wasn’t used to both National languages and only had a good mastery of Bukusu language.

A year later in June, 2018, Albert gained the guts and had advanced his English a little bit, he opened up to Joy and told her clearly and straight to the point, “I LOVE YOU.” Joy was tainted with surprises for God’s miracles finally happened , she revealed to Albert that she has been waiting for him as God had promised to her. The two started a relationship and later got married in October,2018.

Despite living in a one-bedroom house built of mud, Joy has made it known that they have no plans of relocating to the urban areas as she loves simple lifestyle in the rural area. Two motorcycles being their source of income, the couple said they are financially stable.

Speaking to the Standard, Joy has revealed that ever since she got married she had been learning Bukusu culture noting that she has also learnt to cook local foods that she never had in mind she would ever know how to prepare.

The two have been blessed with two kids.

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