High court bars CJ Koome from gaging lawyers

The Chief Justice CJ Koome experienced a blow on Wednesday when the High Court proclaimed unlawful choice by Supreme Court to choke supporters and disputants from offering remarks on an official political decision request while it is as yet being heard.

Equity Mugure Thande decided that the Supreme Court (Presidential Election Petition Amendment Rules) 2022 are pronounced unlawful for not complying to Public Participation prerequisites and for usurpation of the power of Parliament.

CJ Koome revised decides that oversee procedures of the Supreme Court to hinder legal counselors and disputants from offering remarks on an official political decision request.

CJ Koome
A file image of CJ Martha Koome

In the revised standards, the CJ has restricted prosecutors, their supporters and specialists from offering their viewpoints or foreseeing the result of a case including the appointment of the President.

“Endless supply of the becoming aware of the request by the court, disputants, their endlessly advocates specialists will forgo offering their viewpoint on legitimacy, fault or foresee the result of the appeal in any way that would bias or hinder court procedures, until judgment is conveyed,” peruses the new rule.

A break of the heading will add up to hatred of court, it says, meaning those saw as guilty of penetrating the standard will be rebuffed.

The revision was gazetted somewhat two months before the August 9 political decision.

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