High School student arrested with hard drugs in an apartment.

Police arrested six high school students with several hard drugs during a raid on their rented residence in Korando, Otonglo province in Kisumu West sub-county.

Three mixed high school students, aged 17 to 19, were reported to have rented a house in which they committed the crime.

Officers working on the reporter shouted at the hideout and found the student in possession of bhang and illegal beer during a secret operation conducted by officers from Kogony Police Station in collaboration with Deputy Chief Korando.

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The report was submitted to Kogony Police Station OB NO: 9/9/8/2021 at 3:50 pm stating that students had rented the house but it was not clear who was paying for the house.

Kisumu County Police Commander Samuel Anampiu confirmed this arrest, saying three and a half rows of drugs were found hidden under a table, adding that the suspects would be brought to justice soon.

Anampiu has revealed that the five students were 17 years old, one of them, Tony Ochieng Okulo (19), could have been charged along with the adult suspects.

He said beer and illegal alcohol would be presented as evidence in court tomorrow.


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