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Hope for HIV patients as new alternative for managing the disease is approved by FDA.

HIV patients will soon have to receive monthly injections to manage the disease as opposed to the current daily pill intake. This after the US food and drug administration [FDA] approved cabotegravir and rilpivirine injection formulation commonly known as Cabenuva for the management of HIV-1 infection.

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However, before one is enrolled in the therapy, he would have to take oral vocabria and rilpivirine for a period of one month. This is to ensure tolerance with the injection.

This drug is not without any side effects. Injection site reactions, fever, fatigue, headache , musculoskeletal pain. nausea, sleep disorders, dizziness and rash are among the notable ones.

When it will be rolled out across the world, it will be a millstone for the health sectors that would save a lot in terms of resources. People who feared to take the pills would now be able to treat themselves without an iota of shame and stigma.

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