Hotels warned against falsifying ratings.

Alert comes as Kenya welcomes thousands of visitors to the WRC Safari Summit.
Authorities say unlicensed operators risk 12 months in jail and other penalties if convicted.’


False hotels and restaurants are giving themselves false levels to deceive unsuspecting tourists, the industry regulator has warned.

This warning comes especially at a time when thousands of visitors have invaded Kenya to witness the World Safari Rally, which left yesterday.

Organizers of the event expect about 10,000 guests to flock to Naivasha, where the conference is taking place and growing businesses are expected to contribute at least 6 billion shillings to the economy, government estimates.

“The Tourism Regulatory Authority would like to inform the public that it has been informed that several restaurants and hotels have been identified as having received various stars from this authority, but this is false, misleading and punishable by law,” said TRA. in a statement Thursday.

Authorities are responsible for evaluating internal equipment.

The TRA said yesterday: “There were reports of online tour guides and unlicensed companies scamming hopeless tourists and eventually shutting down their websites and Facebook accounts after receiving payment.”

Sustainable tourism
Authorities have warned that unlicensed operators of small houses, guesthouses, mansions, service rooms, lodges and guesthouse on unlicensed online installation platforms could face up to 12 months in prison. and other punishments, if found guilty.

TRA’s concern comes at a time when the tourism and hospitality industry is slowly growing after the international travel ban has been halted due to the Covid-19 disaster that has halted the influx of tourists in the country.

Authorities also warned that some unlicensed businessmen who claim to provide online tourism services have also emerged and demanded money from tourists before closing their websites and disappearing into the air once they leave. ‘They are paid.

The TRA estimated 60 hotels and restaurants in the Nairobi metropolitan area, 49 on the coast, 48 in the South Rift and 15 and 6 in the former Western and Eastern regions will be dominated by marks ranging from one to five.

The Tourism Act of 2011, which created the TRA, empowers the authority to “register, license and classify sustainable tourism-related activities and services, as well as residential and private accommodation. Responsible for guest house services”.

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