How much for my kidney? Kenyatta Hospital clarifies on the sale of Kidneys

Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) has publicly responded what it considers to be a plea from Kenyans to sell its organs to the country’s largest referral hospital.

According to the hospital’s management, they have received many requests from people who want to sell their kidneys.

‘How much for my kidney?’ is our most received question, ”the hospital said on its social media site Monday night.

KNH, however, clarified that the sale of kidneys, and all organs, is still illegal in the country and can only be offered voluntarily.

“Please note that selling organs is strictly prohibited and illegal. You can only donate voluntarily,” the hospital said.

Although illegal in many countries around the world, the kidney trade is one of the most lucrative undertaking, with brokers using social media to search for donors.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Southeast Asia is a major tourist destination in the world, with India being one of the world’s leading kidney exports.

It is estimated that more than 2,000 Indians sell their kidneys each year, most of them foreign.

The alarming increase in kidney disease, diabetes and high blood pressure leads to a global demand for kidneys, which greatly exceeds the legal supply.

As a result, India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Iran have become the largest black market in the world.

Blood plasma, sperm, and hair are among the most important organs.

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