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How Nyeri will earn every Kenyan 200k : Wajackoyah Manifesto

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Roots Party official competitor, George Luchiri Wajackoyah, delivered his 10-point plan for the country with a critical spotlight on the sanctioning of maryjane, prominently known as bhang.

Talking at KICC on Thursday, June 30, Wajackoyah definite how he intends to clear the country’s obligation utilizing cannabis even as he stressed that his requires its authorization was of monetary advantage to the country.

For example, the teacher of regulation expressed that the development of weed in Nyeri district alone would fund-raise to assemble two turnpikes in every one of the 47 areas.

“One section of land of maryjane can acquire you Ksh8 million for each gather. The entire of Nyeri province is 583,000 sections of land. This really intends that assuming we developed maryjane in Nyeri area, Nyeri occupants will acquire Ksh4.6 trillion for each reap.

“In the event that we can develop maryjane in Nyeri alone, every Kenyan could get a profit check of Ksh200,000 consistently from the offer of pot,” Wajackoyah expressed.

Furthermore, he expressed that his organization will zero in on snake and canine raising focusing on the broad Chinese market determined to clear the obligation Kenya owes the South Asian country.

Then again, he underlined on no resistance to defilement promising that his organization would return the death penalty for those saw as blameworthy for misusing public assets.

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