How to register your Safaricom Simcard online

Safaricom Communications Limited has relieved its customers of the pressure to line up to register their SIM cards. The service provider announced that its customers were forced to spend their time pushing long queries, which appeared on SIM-approved stations.

However, Safaricom has approximately 42 million customers who submitted their information during SIM card registration.

A directive issued by the Kenya Communications Regulatory Authority (CA), had issued today April 15, 2022 that the deadline for the exercise and those who fail to register their SIM cards, will be turned off.

That is why Safaricom introduced a digital system for subscribers to register online and meet government requirements. The telecommunications company is following in the footsteps of its competitors – Telkom Kenya and Airtel Kenya who have also enabled their customers to do so online.

To submit information online, use this link:: http://”KYC”

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