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Huawei launches smart hub office , eyeing local SMES .

Huawei has launched a production tool for good offices and educational institutions that combine good writing, state-of-the-art video conferencing and wireless research.

Called IdeaHub, the system is designed to adapt to any environment, transforming conference rooms, executive offices and open spaces into ideal spaces. Supports Windows and Android operating systems “Huawei IdealHub Board”.

It targets medium-sized offices, small and medium enterprises (SMEs), education and health institutions in Kenya.

It also aims to build the capacity of the business and education sectors through innovative innovations. Huawei Kenya CEO Will Meng said the workplace is changing, with users demanding new tools to collaborate while working remotely.

” Series, The Huawei Idea Hub, is designed to help people work and learn anytime, anywhere, without time and space constraints.

The Secretary General of the State Department of Vocational Training and Vocational Training, Margaret Mwakima, said the ministry has already launched a clear electronic and distance dissemination policy that will increase trainers through online, open and transparent distance learning.


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