‘Humility’!: Embakasi Mp George Theuri campaign barefooted

Pictures of Embakasi MP George Theuri walking barefoot in his Nairobi constituency as he tried to campaign and promote his support for the August presidency sparked widespread online criticism and appreciation by Kenyans who took to social media to weigh in on him.

According to photographs taken from below, the deputy was seen wearing a yellow T-shirt with the number 10 and the word “Theuri” on the back, as well as red shorts. Also on the other side was another man with dreadlocks who was behind him and others appearing around here and there listening to the words of his campaign he was supposed to say.

However, in what appeared to be a ploy to trick the Kenyans into not playing, he appeared to be next to a new Mark X-type car parked right next to him, something the Kenyans used to get to the hall and later on. down selling his political agenda along with his personal aides.

Embakasi reports stated that the MP arrived at the scene early and used the tactic later, after discovering that the voters were not convinced by the cunning tactics he is currently using to sell his Manifesto. He later decided to go to a crowded street to have the right audience, but later he became disillusioned with some of the youths who are believed to be his rivals’ followers.

Earlier, Theuri said in an interview with a radio station in the country that he had been elected by the people with confidence and ability and that he was confident that he had made good progress that would guarantee him a re-election. when.

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