I almost lost my mind; Auntie Jemimah reveals what transpired on the day she lost her baby.

Gukena FM presenter Aunt Jemimah shared the memories of losing her unborn child.

In a social media post, Jemimah revealed that her daughter Makena Nduta died before she was born.

Jemimah recalled how the news that her daughter’s heart was not breaking had broken her heart.

“When the doctor announced the absence of fetal activity on September 28, 2021, I almost lost my mind. I did not understand how, and it broke my heart in a way I had never imagined.”, She shared.

auntie Jemimah

In this difficult time, Jemimah found comfort in her friend Carole Njoroge.

“And the next morning I knew exactly who to call. I knew I wanted to call someone who had been through what I was going through at the time. I wanted someone who would understand me and tell me to feel it all. Hug someone who could understand me. let me cry without telling me to stop, ”Jemimah said.

Carole not only gave a shoulder to the radio presenter and a reliable comedian, but also saw her give birth to a baby.

“And when it was time to give birth at noon, I had to go to the delivery room with her, and the she encouraged me, supported me 3 times, took a very good picture of me and Makena Nduta, and sat down. and we as I bid hef farewell.

And when I returned home empty-handed, I still called her many times in the middle of the night because I miss my girlfriend so much! And she always tells me it’s okay. “

For this reason, Jemimah chose to give Carole a special Christmas gift.

“And so I wanted to say thank you to this special girl today, for everything! You will find hands and hearts ready to help you and remind you how wonderful you are! Thank you @carole_njoroge Thank you. Thank you very much. Words remember me.. Happy Holidays Mama Jelani and Gigi, “she shared.

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