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“I am moving damaged,” Akothee reveals.

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Akothee is one of the most influential celebrity in Kenya. Very well known for her music and a big entrepreneur too. In her social media pages she has posted saying of how her life is difficult to understand.

She also went ahead to explain of how much hate she gest and love at equal measures . Adding that most of the fans she meets aren’t real friends,

This is what she posted;

“You all might not understand but allow me to express myself today,

I may appear strong but deep down I have been broken soo many times. I am moving damaged. I have realized that I have become very sensitive that I don’t even want to leave my house.

I don’t like people recognizing me in public and at times I just wished I was just a normal person passing the streets in peace. In several occasions I have found myself running away from fans who maybe innocently are coming to say haloo to me with love but since most of the ones who really made an effort to come show me their love and how much they adored me turned into upgraded professional haters without me doing anything to them.

I am always very scared when I meet fans in public places, the moment I am noticed, even without knowing, I stop that business and I just want to run away.. It’s not funny at all, since I know some might be genuine but again, I also thought the ones before were genuine too.

My life is very hard as a public figure and entrepreneur , I have met real haters live at the supermarket, banks, service areas, airport, my place of work don’t think everyone love me. I am not ice-cream, but then again just leave me alone. It’s not what you think, the love and hate comes in equal measures.

I get traumatized before leaving my house or jumping out of my car. I already feel attacked even where there is nobody. This feeling has turned me into an animal.” she posted.

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