I broke up with my fiancee few days to ruracio after God said no – Grace Mwai.

The famous Kikuyu artist has opened up about leaving her fiancé in the past before their wedding after God said no to union.

Describing her experience during an interview with Hiram Maina, she related,

“Despite being a gospel singer, I am a woman who I also like to be loved, some of the relationships I had did not end well.

The first relationship I ever had when I was known failed. We dated for a while, but there was an issue of trust. “

Grace says at the time he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

“He wasn’t the person I was thinking of. I discovered things I didn’t like. I had high hopes in that relationship, but it ended badly.”

After recovering from her grief, Grace entered another relationship knowing that it would last, but it did not.

“I had another relationship but it didn’t work out either. I was betrayed. I thought this guy would marry me, I didn’t know there was anyone else on the line.

We were about to return home for an introduction with ruracio ‘before the white wedding, I was expecting that. “

The artist recounts that before committing what would have been the greatest mistake of her life, God revealed the man who would be her husband.

“While I was searching for God he revealed the hidden things, another woman appeared, I decided to leave the relationship because I could not imagine being two, I told him I can no longer do that relationship. .

he went to get married. It hurt because I grew up in so many ways. I had seen the future with that relationship, and I gave it a better one. It broke my heart and took me a long time to recover. It’s okay to end the relationship until you find the right person. “

Just when you think Grace has received the appropriate character development, she adds.

“After recovering from a heart attack I met a man who used to be a friend and asked me to be his girlfriend and I accepted him, we were planning to get married but something happened and I took a different path it was not easy for me. spoke and did not accept the relationship. “


“It was the hardest thing in my life when heaven talked about something I didn’t expect. I felt like heaven spoke too late. I felt hurt and felt like I didn’t deserve it. It broke my heart because it was something out of my control. It was a big test for me.”

Grace says the biggest challenge facing women in the industry is being able to recognize a man’s intentions for them.

“Sometimes you wonder if they love you for you or because of fame.”

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