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I cancelled a 700k show because they misspelled my name – Vicmass Luodollar said.

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Bank Otuch hitmaker said he cancelled a 700k show because they misspelled his name.

The organizers of event misspelled his name Vicmass by writing it with a single S on the poster.

Vicmass cleared that he would rather sleep hungry and have his name correctly written adding that 700k isn’t a lot of money for him.

” Nilicancel show ya 700k because walitengeneza poster na jina mbaya , waliandika Vickmass na S moja . 700k is not a lot of money compared to my name…. nitalala njaa to make sure my name is spelled correctly.”said Luodollar

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The artist went ahead to stare that his name has a very great and personal meaning that he wouldn’t agree to it being disrespected.

” Vickmass Luodollar is not just an ‘aka’ it has a deeper meaning very personal and dear to my heart , I will go all lengths to make sure you get it right with no gimmicks. “He added.

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