I didn’t kill their career; Mwalimu Rachael speaks on her fall out with Sailors gang.

Correspondent Teacher Rachel has now told her side about the downfall of the popular gengetone music group Sailors.

The Sialors parted ways with their manager, Mwalimu Rachel, in 2019 and later accused media actors of blocking access to their YouTube channel.

As the news spread, Sailors fans demanded that the YouTube account be released, and according to Rachel, as she spoke to Nation on Sunday, negative comments on social media were increasingly being addressed.

“The abuse I received online shocked me. My son and I have received death threats from fans because of the YouTube channel,” she said.

Rachel maintains that she did not kill the boys’ band work, saying she always had a motherly love for the band.

“I did not kill their job, people think I did it and they kept asking my bosses to fire me, but they do not know anything about the case, unfortunately social media is like that and there is nothing you can do. about it.

Rachel says the sailor gang first contacted her and asked her to share the song “Wamlambez” on their YouTube channel.

According to Rachel, she tried to advise the group to open their own channel, but felt it would take longer to gather subscribers.

“They came to me when my company was doing outreach programs … They sent me the song on WhatsApp and later that week I played it on the radio and people loved it. They loved it.” He said “

According to the CEO of MRX Media, during the tragedy, amid declining concerts and broadcasts, the “Wamlambez” singers sought a new label without his consent and as a businessman, this did not mean handing over the group IDs before acquiring them. membership. .

Rachel added that she is charging a record company for owning a YouTube channel and not a sailor band.

“As a company that does not have a mandatory contract or agreement with other parties, would it make sense to hand over only identity documents? The simple answer is no.” “After all, it’s just a business, nothing personal, but I know there’s a good way to do it. I appreciated this channel and the work that my team and I put in it, for Ksh 1.5 million (I’m starting to think. I reduced) I was charging the company of record to take ownership of this channel I was not charging sailors.

Rachel says later that she withdrew all the money from the group’s savings account, which she had opened at the beginning of the disaster, and sent it to them.

“I did not want a penny, whatever was left in the savings account, I poured it out and gave it to them.”

Rachel also revealed that a group of sailors contacted her later in October 2021, but she refused, urging them to follow due process for fear of such an event happening again.

“I told them they were talking to their new label first so that history would not repeat itself.

On January 6, Miracle baby one of the gang members replied to a fan who asked him about the gang and Miracle baby responded that Kenyans watched when the band was been stolen from nad did nothing

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