I don’t give women money – Obinna says

New Kiss FM presenter Oga Obinna says they don’t give money to women.

According to Obinna, many men go bankrupt because they spend money on unworthy women.

Speaking on his first show as co-host of Morning Kiss alongside Kamene Goro, he said, “Kamene, I don’t give money, I don’t give women money. Many men go bankrupt because they give money to unworthy women.”

He added, “Someone sent me 20,000 and now Kamene wants me to send 5,000, but I will only send 1,000 at least 1,500.”

When asked who sees the right woman to give her money, Obinna replied, “My mother, first lady and baby mamas are yours to avoid them. Stop giving money to women.

You go to a party and you are surrounded by 7 women, they all want to take pictures and each shot costs Ksh 400. The truth is that they will not take turns, so do the math.

Add shisha and food to that budget. When you leave the club, you will have paid 50,000. “

Obinna says spending money on a woman is not wrong, it is wrong to spend money on the wrong woman.

“You also have to leave them at home, you have not paid your taxes, etc.”

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