I don’t have a place to stay, lock me up : Alex Omondi take himself to police station, pleads with the police

A man by the name of Alex Omondi has become a popular figure online after asking police to arrest him because he had nowhere to sleep.

Apparently, the distraught man hit a rock and, homeless that night, thought the only last way was a police cell.

“I have no place to sleep, my house is locked by the landlord. So I am here because the police motto is Service to All,” he began.

When police asked him what kind of help he needed, the unnamed man volunteered to be thrown into a cell.

He added that the officers would decide whether to release him the next morning or bring him to court for any charges they may have.

Considering that he had not committed any crime, the officers had difficulty in fulfilling his unusual request.

While police continued to insist that the cells were criminal and not innocent, Omondi asked for an empty desk to sit on.

“Or is there a flag raised where I can lower it so you can catch me?” he abused.

It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

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