I have a 24-year old daughter with another woman- Simon Kabu reveals

In the past few days, fans on various social networks have been raising concerns about the marriage of CEO Sarah and Simon Kabu after a post that the two had problems in their union.

The couple started whining after Sarah posted on WhatsApp that she was divorced from her husband and could no longer stay in a poisonous marriage to prove the truth. Earlier, she accused Simon of flirting with other women.

During Questions and Answers by his fans on Instagram, one fan asked his if he had a baby girl with another woman, which he did not deny.

“Is it true that you have a 24-year-old daughter and you hid her from Sarah?” The fan asked.

“Hapo kwa hiding apana but ako,” Kabu replied.

Kabu also denied rumors of cheating saying he was married to his wife Sarah.