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I have helped you, you should clap for me – Uhuru defends.

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During a speech that President Uhuru delivered at the 45th National Conference of the Association of Principals of Kenya Secondary Schools (KESSHA) held at the Sheikh Zayed Hall in Mombasa.

The head of state noted that the leaders were quick to point out problems without giving them practical answers.

“The biggest problem we have in this country is good leaders in identifying problems, but they are not able to solve them. So when they see a problem in the media, you see them calling a press conference to complain about maize prices, oil prices. “


“You are looking for leadership, why don’t you first try to solve this problem with what you have, you come out shouting loudly, why do you want to be a leader then?

With oil prices being recorded, food prices being recorded and the overall cost of living, Uhuru has taken on the responsibility of complimenting his own heritage.

“I have helped them a lot … I have hired teachers, I have increased their salaries, I have insured them … let your voices be directed to the new government, but to me I deserve your congratulations and congratulations,” he said. .he spoke in Swahili.

“We have laid the foundations, others will build,” he concluded.

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