I lost my job after the incident: Makana who claimed to be Kibaki’s grandson reveals

Allan Makana, a Western man claiming to be Mwai Kibaki’s grandson shared his plight at the hands of the police. This was after a video of him crying outside Parliament House spread.

He did so during an interview with Standard outside Nyayo Stadium where Kibaki Mass is currently being held. Makana said,

“They took me to the police station and then in the evening they transferred me to the main police station. I stayed there and was taken to the city hall for disturbance the next day. even my record was not there. “

Makana says the incident caused him to lose his job.

“They asked me if I had a job and I said no, but the truth is that I had it, when I came back I was told not to continue working there falsely, now I have no job I ask. all volunteered outside to give me a job. “

He says people have been saying he looks like the late head of state, adding that he will go to Othaya and try to find a place to be buried.

“I have not seen Kibaki’s body, I will go to Othaya to see his body, even if I do not have a ticket I will borrow, people called me Kibaki’s grandson, I said stop but the name is stuck. I want to fulfill my wishes.”

Mwai Kibaki previously insisted he had a wife with the late Lucy Kibaki. The couple had four children. The only known Kibaki grandchildren are those who were carried by these 4 brothers.

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