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I love you: Uhuru shouts to a Nakuru woman

Retiring President Uhuru Kenyatta as of late left a group in loud chuckling in the wake of spouting over a lady.

Talking during the re-authorizing of the Nakuru Railway Station in Nakuru, the unidentified lady intruded on the Head of State’s discussion saying, “Uhuru I love you,” to which he answered, “I love you as well… Asante sana (thank you kindly).”

The beneficiary of the adoration message from the President was not apparent on camera.

The response from the President Kenyatta drew chuckling and cheer from the group.

A file image of Uhuru
A president Uhuru image

Uhuru message to Nakuru residents

President Kenyatta likewise said the redid Nakuru-Kisumu railroad line would open the region to business and work open doors.

“North of 25,000 young fellows and ladies will be productively utilized from this area,” he said.

Recovery of the 217-kilometer Meter Gauge Railway began in August 2020, and was to be dispatched in December 2021, when President Kenyatta granted Nakuru a city status contract.

In any case, because of muddled conditions, the appointing of the Nakuru-Kisumu rail line was delayed. That undertaking cost the public authority no less than 3.8 billion.

“The Nakuru-Kisumu rail line will work on the transportation of travelers and freight,” he added.

President Kenyatta who has under about fourteen days to leave office has been visiting the nation and sending off projects.

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